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 poetryy by hardcandyx321

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PostSubject: poetryy by hardcandyx321   poetryy by hardcandyx321 I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 21, 2009 6:02 pm

They pick you up to watch you fall.
They tell you lies you believe them all.
They say they're different but they're all the same.
When it comes to love it's nothing but a game.
They say that they love you they say your the one.
Your heart slowly break your emotions come undone.
They say your their everything and say that they care.
But when you need them the most they're never really there.
You say you've had enough and your ready to leave.
They say they'll change all the bullsh*t you'll believe.
Your mind says to go you've seen this all before.
You wanna pack their sh*t and push them out the door.
But you love them too much your heart won't let go.
You can't bring yourself to do it for reasons you'll never know.
You think you've found something real then your world gets turned around.
When all is said and done your the one crying wrists bleeding on the ground.
You give them everything you have for nothing in return.
They tear you down just to watch you crash and burn.
They treat you like shit you know you deserve better.
But your only way out is a bottle of pills and a suicide letter.
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Another Dead Angel
Another Dead Angel

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PostSubject: Re: poetryy by hardcandyx321   poetryy by hardcandyx321 I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 25, 2009 11:22 pm

Heyyyy Brii!

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poetryy by hardcandyx321
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